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Keep your home attractive and beautiful with professional carpet and upholstery cleaning.

The carpets in your home can become filthy as people walk on them. You may not even realize how dirty the carpet is becoming until you move a piece of furniture and notice a slight color difference. With our services, you can keep your carpets looking like new and prolong their life.

In theory, your upholstery should stay clean since people are not walking on it. However, the couches and chairs in your home may be dirtier than your carpet. This is because your vacuum the carpet frequently, but the upholstery is rarely vacuumed. Dirt transfers to the couches and upholstered items from clothing, animals and the occasional shoe. Trust our team of professionals to clean your upholstery, restore the beautiful color and leave it looking magnificent.

One benefit of investing in carpet and upholstery cleaning is that the textiles in your home will last longer when they are clean. Dirt works its way deep into the fibers and acts like sandpaper. Gradually destroying the carpet or upholstery, the discoloration can become permanent. Invest in annual cleaning services to pull dirt and allergens out of the textiles and preserve them. Their colors will be brighter and the fabric softer, so you can continue using it longer.

Another benefit to consider is also the boost to your health. Your family spends a fair amount of time enjoying the furniture in the living room. Unfortunately, the couches and chairs could be riddled with allergens and dust that are making your children sick. When the furniture and carpets are free of dust and dirt, everyone in the family will breathe easier and start to feel healthier.

Whether your carpet is stained or you just want to start investing in regular upholstery cleaning, we are here to help you. We handle small and large jobs, so you can call us to clean one chair or scrub the carpets throughout your home. Offering free estimates, you can call the professional team at Carpet Control today to enjoy a clean carpet and upholstered items tomorrow.