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Trust the professionals at Carpet control for effective water damage restoration services.

Offering 24-hour emergency services, call us when you need water damage restoration after a flood. We handle jobs of all sizes, so you can trust our team whether one room has flooded from a broken pipe or floors throughout the home have suffered damage. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we can restore your home, save your flooring and protect your family from the danger of mold development.

Prompt Action Required

Every moment that water sits on your floor, the damage has a chance to spread. Wood floors buckle, carpet slowly degrades and the glue holding tiles in place weakens. Wood subfloors start to rot and fail, and there is also the risk that mold will develop and spread beneath your carpet or other surfaces. With prompt action and treatment, you can limit the damage, minimize the repair bills and avoid the problems associated with mold. We offer 24-hour service, so call us for effective water restoration treatment.

Remove Standing Water

We come in with heavy duty machines to start pulling up the standing water. With powerful suction, we can pull water from deep inside carpet padding. Moving furniture to clean throughout damaged areas, we remove as much water as possible to protect and restore your home. Flood and sewer water both harbor dangerous bacteria, but we can clean your home with anti-bacterial cleaners to ensure that your family is safe.

Eliminate Humidity

Once the standing water is pulled out, we use fans and dehumidifiers to remove the humidity from the air and pull the remaining moisture out of floors and upholstered items. Wood floors that have started to swell and buckle will return to their beautiful flat shape as the moisture is removed. Carpets dry completely, and moisture will wick up to the surface out of the padding so mold will not develop. With this important treatment, structural damage is minimized and your home will return to normal faster.

Whether you have had a minor flood or a major one, call in the professionals for efficient and effective service. We are here 24-hours a day to help you, so call us immediately if you have a flooding emergency.